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I hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here to share some amazing thing with you guys that i got from today airdrop the legendary summoner of water that i am going to explain below.


There was a time when Lir was just a middling summoner of the Anenon School of water magic, but that changed forever one day when his small ship was capsized in a sudden (some might say unnatural) storm. Lir might have had a common life, he might have married a young girl from the Archipelago and settled down with mere ambitions of summoning at the grand arena of Mount Mox.
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Well, LIR DEEPSWIMMER is a new summoner of water from the untamed edition that i got from an airdrop after buying 575 untamed packs so happy to get this legendary summoner which has some nice abilities that would be awesome to use it in high mana battles and all friendly monsters will get these abilities in advance as well their own abilities so imagine if you have upgraded your deck along with your monsters and you would use these untamed legendary summoners it is difficult to beat you then.


Actually, i got two legendary water summoner and for guaranteed airdrop, you need 425 of untamed packs but still, i am lucky that got two of them and soon i will buy more and more packs once the old untamed packs are sell in the market. i like this card just because of its abilities that will give your two armor to your friendly monster, also each monster will get the return fire ability and blind ability so what you guys are waiting for the hope you will get this summoner soon in the untamed packs and if you have some hive then buy dec and prepare for the next airdrop.

Quest Rewards


Let's talk about the quest rewards in which i got one epic monster of dragon family that i am going to explain. Also, i got some rare cards from today's quest that i already explained in my recent post.

Small but mighty, the Fire Spitters have recently descended upon the Dragon Splinter of Draykh-Nahka, where they fit right in. They come from a faraway exotic place only known as the Pocket Dimension.

Of course, the Fire spitter is a small but mighty dragon monster with its ranged attack that you can use in low mana battles, and also you can use it in earthquake ruleset because of its flying ability that will not get any damage from the earthquake ruleset. Recently i upgraded this card to level 3 and soon i will upgrade this monster to a minimum at level 4 it has some nice ability to fly and dodge at max level.

What the Gloridax call a soldier many of the other armies of the Splinterlands consider a highly specialized master of weaponry, one who wears custom armor and carries into battle all the might and fury of Dragons.

Well, GLORIDAX SOLDIER is also a dragon monster that i already explained in my recent post but i am going to share it in this post because of its shield ability which is a powerful ability in this dragon monster. Currently, i have 4 cards of this monster that i will upgrade to level 2 when i get one more and the abilities of this dragon monster is just awesome because you can use this with earthquake ruleset because this monster has feathers and it can fly to save himself from the earthquake so better to use it in earthquake ruleset.

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