Upvote Campaign #9 - Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine ☀️

11 months ago


Dear Friends and Followers,

After my last two very busy week, i am now able to take a short break. My life project is running well, last week we could finished all the windows and this week all doors from my new home and hopefully we will be able to finish interior plaster and screed floor before November ends so that we can start the floor heater installation before the temperature goes down to minus degrees.

Recently i had a chance to join to meet up and meet some friends, enjoyed the discussion and had a great time with them. How about you? I hope you all are doing well.

Yesterday morning at my new home project, i was happy to see the sunrise☀️

I felt very happy because usually during this time in Autumn, the morning is very foggy and cold. Every new sunshine day bring us hope and energy. It reminds us that we all received a chance to continue living our life as we want it to be.

Sunshine effects my soul positively, brings hope, energy and joy to me and i believe many of us feel the same way too.

This is why i would like to start our this week activity by asking you to share the sunshine with us.


No matter where you are your can share any sunshine story and pictures with us. It can be a sunrise, sunshine or sunset and tell a story behind the picture or you can even share some positive story in your life with us too.

How to participate

  1. Take a picture of the sunshine and write to describe your picture, tell us a story behind your sunshine.

  2. Use #sunshine #madeinweku at your post.

  3. You can comment this post with your post link or just let me know that you participate in this activity.

  4. If you can share your sunshine picture with a link of your post on social media platforms as such Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it would be great and help creating visibility for WeKu. Use #weareweku #weku #promoweku #blockchain #socialmedia at your post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter too. However, this is up to you.

  5. This activity starts now until Sunday/03/11

Thank you for sharing your positivity and sunshine with us

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Nice to meet you again @siamcat, the sun is one of our life energies in this world, maybe without the sunshine of life we ​​will feel lazy in every activity and feel our energy go down without sunlight, thank you @siamcat who gave us encouragement with the presence you and have given us energy through sunshine photos.


Thank you for your wonderful comment friend ☀️


Thank you for sharing on social media platforms too.


my friend asked, is it possible if not share on social media. because he doesn't have social media.

The sun is an important source of energy for all creatures on earth, why?


Amazing one, thank you for sharing your post on social media too


@siamcat you are motivator for us. Thanks

Do not forget to remind owners to renew a domain for a longer period!!!!!


Hi Gor, nice to see you again. Please explain more?


The lease term for the platform domain is coming to an end, I observed many times when the most successful brands lost domains and were forced to buy them several times more expensive !!!!!


Thank you for sharing your post on social media platforms


You're welcome @siamcat, we share it on social media so everyone knows about weku-io.

@siamcat Hello dear friend, good to hear from you and that your projects are well on the way, they are very good news, besides they could not be otherwise you rock that and much more for how applied you are. Congratulations.
What a great initiative, nothing like the sun to mobilize and undertake positive things on a daily basis.
I wish you a week full of energy, happiness and prosperity


Thank you my friend, much sunshine for us all ☀️

What a nice activity! I also love the sunshine, warm soul and heart! I will capture my sunshine today for weku.


Thank you, we will wait to see your sunshine ☀️


I have commented your post, thank you


The sun is a source of bright light, with sunlight we can live with various interests, a very brilliant idea,👍😎


Thank you Avanso

It's nice to see you here again (WEKU). meeting, joking, interacting and sharing. I'm glad your new homework is almost complete, I hope you are happy and happy with your new home. when can we see your new home? 😀😀😀

Thank you for the creative idea, hopefully every WEKU user can use this opportunity. thank you dear @siamcat success always friend


Thank you!


Thank you for sharing ☀️

Innovative idea that please the heart. Will be happy to follow it. Thank you very much @siamcat for the information, I hope your days are always fun and always excited. Because your zeal can increase our enthusiasm here


We will wait to see your participation 😸

madeinweku will support this activity, hoping to see many lovely sunshine.


Yes, let the sunshine ☀️

sunshine is very much needed for all of us, I will participate in this contest @siamcat


Thank you! We will wait for your entry 😸


Beautiful one, thank you!

The sun is a source of energy, it is heat, it is life.

When they feel that their life is in the middle of a storm, be patient .... "When you least think the sun rises"

Here is a nice song


Oh i like her, she is very talented. Thank you Pablo

Hola, comparto mi post de participación en el Campaign #9 - Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine

Padre Sol

Hi, this is my post for: Campaign #9 - Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine




Wonderful, thank you for your participation


Great pictures, love it🧡

authorize my post about the beauty of the sky in the afternoon, hope you enjoy it



Thank you


Thank you for sharing Samic ☀️


Thank you Otto🌻

A good and interesting idea. Hopefully we all members of the Weku platform community will get happiness..