Upvote Campaign #6 - Light Up WEKU 💡Quality Comment For Your WEKU Friends - The Challenge 📣

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Our upvote campaign this week will be a little bit different, this week challenge is about quality comment. Let's support our beloved WeKu friends by leaving positive or encouraging quality comments at their posts and support the interaction in the community.

Why positive and encouraging quality comment?

Positive comment is like a cheer up for the author, it is something that support and acknowledge their work, a great encouragement for our friends.

What is a quality comment?

A quality comment is an individual comment with suitable theme for each post. Quality comment is not a copy paste comment but its a relevant feedback after reading each post.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 00.02.30.png

How to participate

  1. Comment quality post of your WeKu friends and followers

  2. Leave at least 5 positive and encouraging quality comments (or more) in the same day.

  3. Comment this post and let me know that you are part of the challenge on each day, I will check your comment section and upvote your quality comment.

  4. You can comment in your local language, I will use the translator as a helper.

  5. You can participate everyday from now until Monday 23.09

Lets cheer up our WeKu friends together!

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My comments for Weku's best friend :

  • The first comment on the post click Here

  • The second comment on the post click Here

  • The third comment on the post click Here

  • The fourth comment on the post clickHere

  • The fifth comment on the post click Here

Thank you very much.



This is a very interesting and different challenge from before. in my opinion this is a brilliant idea, which can add to the spirit of our togetherness in Weku. I will give my best comments for a friend's post, of course, with comments that correspond to the story of the post. thank you @siamcat, for this extraordinary challenge.

I think that's a great idea. It is not only encouragement for the writer, but also engagement and rapport for all.

if I can provide a value, I will give a value of 100, this is a wise step to increase interaction between users who may have been ignored.

but, my suggestion is not just to comment on the focus of curation, but forgot the original post ...

sorry, this is only a suggestion. regards!

@siamcat Hello dear friend. Excellent idea.
Comments are very important in a social network, people who want to read good material on a platform, in addition to analyzing the content, analyze and judge a company by the level of comment in it.

All of us who wish to see our company well, should get involved in sharing relevant comments.

Without a doubt I support this initiative

I take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend

Inilah tantangan yang sangat mendukung para WEKUNIANS untuk terus berpartisipasi di platform weku dan ide yang sangat cemerlang, saya sangat mendukung tantangan anda @siamcat dan saya akan selalu mengikuti setiap tantangan dari anda selagi saya masih sanggup, komentar yang positif pada postingan teman weku akan bisa membangkitkan semangat para penulis untuk terus dan terus membagikan hal-hal yang positif di blog platform weku ini, anda memang pemimpin yang bisa membuat suasana di platform weku ini damai sejuk dan penuh dengan kejutan, saya selaku pecinta weku sangat-sangat mendukung kinerja anda. ANDA YANG TERBAIK.

Right and brilliant idea. this is one of the reasons that makes me stay and happy here (WEKU) I am very happy with this brilliant idea, because every post maker always hopes that someone will comment, give direction, add a sentence, motivate and so on. thus the post creator can interact and establish togetherness with fellow users. thank you dear friend, I hope to participate

This link for comments to my friends.

  1. In here

  2. In here

  3. In here

  4. In here

  5. In here.

Thank you my friend this is a very great challenge. 😊


Very good idea, with this idea can make Weku friends want to read and give value to their writing..

Very good, because every comment we write will provide little input for the author of the post.

Very good idea, hopefully it can make Weku develop more this way

The third day I commented for Weku's best friend :

Thank you very much.


The second day I commented for Weku's best friend :

  • The first comment on the post click here

  • The second comment on the post click here

  • The third comment on the post click here

  • The fourth comment on the post click here

  • The fifth comment on the post click here

Thank you very much for all.

[We Are Weku]



Ini komentar saya yang pertama, untuk lebih lanjut, klik dan baca Di sini

Ini komentar saya yang kedua, di postingan sahabat Weku, untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut, buka tautannya Di sini

Ini komentar saya yang ke tiga pada postingan yang menceritakan tentang permainan anak-anak, selengkapnya baca Di sini

Berikutnya komentar saya yang ke empat yang menceritakan tentang sarang burung di area sawah, anda bis baca Di sini

Dan ini komentar saya yang ke lima, atau yang terakhir, silahkan klik dan baca Di sini

Terimakasih salam sukses sahabat Weku.



Thank you @siamcat 😊


Thank you. the more you do, the more results you will get.

The fourth day I commented to Weku's best friend :

Thank you very much.

[We Are Weku]