Selamat malam ,selamat beristirahat, See you

last year
in good


Kamis,21 februari 2019
Good night all my best friend ,,,,
tonight I took a photo with one of the Rohingya ethnic refugees who were still in the BIBUEN swamp SKB refugee camp.
and I am very happy to still be able to follow the contest "We Are Weku"
which is beneficial for my users wherever you are ... greetings
thank you my dear friend this time I had the opportunity to share the contest "we are weku" with all my friends,
good rest, hopefully tomorrow is better ... @evin
and thank you also for friends @siamcat
my greetings

So glad could share with a friend of all, not the coffee paste, tpi works myself,,,
Because it is so self more meaningful than becoming myself but the shadow of others, so keep one myself being apapin going on, more proud with the work itself.
If it wasn't we who mengahargai who else,,,
Please respect yourself before you appreciated,,,
Love the work of his own, before beloved by others

remains the firm establishment of the storm while many mengahadang
go through all obstacles, God willing will come to success
Good evening
During the rest
See you at the upcoming contest

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