Combating the Culture of Lies

10 months ago

This is going to be short and to the point. I'm going to expose three of the biggest lies by the elites to manipulate mankind into accepting their agenda. Lies predicated upon fear have been the tool of the elites since time immemorial to keep mankind in a state of perpetual servitude. Until humans learn that they have been manipulated, the elites will remain in control.

There is no excuse for famine- over 90% of famine worldwide is politically manufactured.

The myth that the earth is running out of food is pure nonsense. As far back as the late 18th century when Thomas Malthus wrote his infamous Essay on Population hysteria about running out of food has been used to strike fear into humans. The fact is that we have no idea how much food the world can produce. The oceans that cover 2/3 of the globe can produce an enormous amount of food we don't even know about. Now the hyperbole has gotten so bizarre that "scientists" are recommending eating babies and even insects. This video by Paul Joseph Watson shows how ridiculous things have become...

I'm not saying that bugs aren't tasty, but I'm with Paul... I'm NOT eating bugs (and I'm definitely not eating babies!!!)! Moreover, to show the political ramifications of famine- the Queen of England has enough money to end hunger worldwide without it even making a hiccup in her treasury... and that's only one person. Closely related is another lie about the world being overpopulated.

There is no overpopulation

Contrary to Paul Ehrlich's bombshell revelations in his propaganda piece The Population Bomb, there is no overpopulation. There are places where population is concentrated more than it perhaps should be, but that doesn't make earth overpopulated. Despite the fact that Ehrlich's "study" has been thoroughly refuted, the neo-Malthusians keep pushing the same propaganda. Economist and scholar Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institute sat down and did the math (his figures were from the 1990's when population was at 6 or 6.5 billion so I'll try to update it). Sowell found that the entire human race would comfortably fit into an area the size of Texas, in single family homes with four to the home. There would also be room for a small yard, streets, etc.. Adjusting for population increases, we can assume that the same dynamic applies with perhaps five to the home instead of four. Overpopulation is just another lie designed to cause fear, just like famine, over a struggle for scarce resources that aren't scarce at all.

Man-made Climate Change is just another myth

This is just the most recent bit of propaganda manufactured by the elites- specifically the Club of Rome- to instill fear in people. This propaganda war has been going on throughout the 20th century... From 1925:

But in 1975... It's a new Ice Age

Climate is governed by sunspots causing periods where temperatures rise of fall. CO2 has nothing to do with climate, except that climate governs CO2 emissions... When the earth is warm plants flourish which means that they take in more CO2 and emit more oxygen. More oxygen makes animal life more abundant making higher CO2 emissions which make plants flourish...

If you want the truth about Climate Change, Overpopulation and Famine, here it is...

There you have it in a nutshell... All of the world's problems have the same source- the same source they've had since the dawn of civilization. Greta Thunberg is no avatar, a childlike messiah here to deliver us from our scourge upon the planet... she's just another brainwashed puppet of the elites sent to keep us under their control. She's not the enemy, just a kid with severe emotional problems- it's the people behind her that are the enemy. Satan, "the father of lies" is the enemy. Let me ask you this- does your church support climate change? If the answer is yes, you're worshipping Satan.

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Like, I am so woke. Ya know? I drink my pee to save the water. Water is life don't ya know and we are drinking up all the life. Earth will die if we keep drinking the water. You should be drinking your pee at least twice a day if you want to have a future for your children and like grandchildren.

Totally SB photo.jpg

Yeah, be like me and get woke dude.


LOL Doubt I will be drinking my pee. I would grill up some bugs first for the protein. I could do that if I had to. Best! @squirrelbait


It's too late, I can hear Mother Earth weeping- we're all going to die in 10 years because of... Donald Trump!

Once again a great article. This needs to to be repeated and repackaged to educated those who drink too much of that artificial Kool aid. I will repost. Thanks @richq11

This suggests that politics is a matter for people with certain mental disabilities, for whom a couple or three thousand lives are just statistics. There is no need to make a symbol from a child, just the problems she speaks of must be solved - "The truth speaks through the mouth of a baby"

I agree with you, at least at p. #3

Beautiful. Nice blog