Autumn trekking in the woods.

11 months ago
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Trekking is a very pleasant sport. It can be grown from childhood to late adulthood.

Of course, we choose the speed of movement to our own abilities and set off.

I live in mountainous terrain, so after a few minutes from leaving the house, the road to the forest begins to rise.


The asphalt road ends quickly. Large stones appear on the dirt road, which additionally hinders an intensive walk up the hill.


After half an hour of such an intense march uphill, the heart is already working hard enough to think about the first rest to calm the pulse.

A fallen tree in a dry stream served as a temporary bench.


Another hour walking up and I reach the first clearing.
Time for another rest in the shade of the trees.





I rested, gained new strength, so I keep going up.
The heart rate increases, the effort is considerable, but beautiful nature rewards the hardships of this trip.


The clearing at the top of the mountain charmed me with its beauty of autumn colors.



After a short rest I headed back down.

The trip was spontaneous, so I didn't run the Endomondo application. This time, more than calories burned, I was interested in a simple effort, without unnecessary stimuli.
Simply put - the muscles work and the head rests.


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