WEKU is Under Attack by a Hacker!! - My Curation is Stopped until new Updates

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Chen Account Has Been Hacked

Yes is right, the account of one of the founders of Weku, @chen has been hacked. It was found when the hacker tried to fool us all with a post of doubtful content. Several users flagged the post along me and after a while some official Weku members proceeded to the same. Later there was a short official statement.

Así es, la cuenta de uno de los fundadores de Weku, @chen ha sido hackeada. Fue descubierto cuando el hacker intento engañarnos a todos con un post de dudoso contenido. Varios usuarios procedimos a banderear dicho post y al rato algunos miembros oficiales de Weku procedieron a lo mismo. Más tarde hubo un breve comunicado oficial.

Post from Hacker: https://main.weku.io/community-deals/@chen/important-information-to-all-weku-users


Official Statement: https://main.weku.io/community-deals/@weku-official/announcement-account-chen


This morning, I joined Weku to perform my daily and started to find @chen flags everywhere. It seems that the hacker is revenging, after the fight he had with us and some official members. The coward has not been enough satisfied flagging us, so he has also did it to a long list of users that have nothing to do with all this. This bastard has come to sow chaos and destroy Weku!

I've made some captures of flagged people, but there are many more, the hacker has attacked tens of users.

Esta mañana, he abierto Weku para realizar my curación y he empezado ha encontrar banderas de @chen por todos lados. Parece que al hacker se está cobrando venganza, después de la pelea que tuvo con nosotros y algunos miembros oficiales. El muy cobarde no se ha contentado con banderearnos a nosotro,s que además se lo ha hecho a una larga lista de usuarios que nada tienen que ver con todo esto. Este bastardo ha venido a sembrar el caos y destruir Weku!

He hecho algunas capturas de personas bandereadas, pero son muchas más, el hacker ha atacado a decenas de usuarios.


Among the users who received @chen flags, there are many that belong to my whitelist... for your safety, my curation is stopped until new updates since it seems that the way to get revenge on me is to attack the people I curate.

Hereis the list of users that have been attacked, or at least all that I have been noticing since this morning:

Entre los usuarios que han recibido banderas de @chen, hay bastantes que pertenecen a mi whitelist... por su seguridad, mi curación está detenido hasta nuevo aviso ya que parece que la forma de vengarse de mí, está siendo atacar a la gente que curo.

Esta es la lista de usuarios que han sido atacados, o almenos todos los que me he ido encontrando desde esta mañana:


UPDATE: Sadly, after I wrote this list hours ago, the hacker continued flagging posts and now 90% of Weku userbase has been flagged by him..

This morning (about 4 hours and half ago) I have reported on Weku Support Discord Server what is happening but I have not received any response. Someone once told me "Sometimes silence is the best answer"... it is very sad that I, who had to end up resigned from my official positions, have to be writing this post to inform all users, while since the official levels there is only silence.

Esta mañana (hace unas 4h y media) he reportado en Weku Support Discord Server lo que está sucediendo pero no he recibido ningún tipo de respuesta. Alguien me dijo una vez "A veces, el silencio es la mejor respuesta"... es muy triste que yo, que tuve que acabar resignanado de mis cargos oficiales, tenga que estar escribiendo esta post para informar a todos los usuarios, mientras desde los estamentos oficiales tan solo hay silencio.


Anyway, now is not a time for fights among us. I have always seen Weku as a small nation with different regions, cultures and ways of look at Weku. This caused many fights and disputes, some due lack of mutual understanding, other due dishonest behaviors of a long list of users... in these difficult times, we must put in pause all these internal problems... or we face this new challenge all united or Weku, our home in the blockchain, is going to end up sinking into misery ...


De todas formas ahora no es momento de disputas. Siempre he visto a Weku como una pequeño nación con diferentes regiones, culturas y formas de ver Weku. Esto ha creado muchas peleas y disputas, algunas por falta de entendimiento mutuo, otras comportamientos deshonestos de una larga serie de usuarios... en estos momentos de dificultad, hay que poner en pausa todos estos problemas internos... o afrontamos este nuevo reto todos unidos o Weku, nuestro hogar en la blockchain, se va ha acabar de hundir en la miseria...


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I think they only have the posting key. They don't bring back delegation, which could do even more damage. Besides, they don't power down. For me this is all a sign that the active key is missing. I am all the more surprised that so many have lost their delegation. Then the behaviour of the Weku team, actually they would have to work day and night to solve the problem. Nothing happens. I can't get rid of the feeling that this is an inside job. Hopefully I am wrong. I am very excited about the opinion of Weku.


Man, when you remove your delegation from an user, you must wait 7 days to recover it in the wallet, only the user lose it at fact. So in some days, these bastards will have millions of WP to flag...

The list of flagged users I put in the post increased dramatically, now almost the whole user base is flagged ffs.

Well you are right, all this matter is fishy... and sadly a inside job is an option. I'm just going to give a last chance to this place, while planing some way to help the users. Anyway I'm waiting some kind of official update about all this, and I want it soon.

This is how looks my feed now... hackers flagged all the people I help everyday... now I have not balls to curate...



If you're right, the next Monday should be 4.3 million wp. Why aren't the passwords changed with the master password? They have 30 days.
Never mind.
The resulting image damage is catastrophic.


Well, a few weeks ago I pulled back some delegations and had to wait 7 days to have my WP in the wallet.

About the password topic, I guess the hacker got the master key. When Siamcat announced the hacking in the Weku Support discord server, she was worried because @chen is the recovery account of the accounts of many users. If the hacker would get only the post key, there is no reason to worry. Just guesses due the lack of information from Weku "government".

His behavior is very bad, can not see people happy.
The more flags, the more posts I want to post, I won't back down unless my WEKU is broken.


That's the attitude man!

I didn't do anything and he came after one of my posts.


Yes, sorry for that... it seems the hacker setup a bot to make @chen account follow the votes from a set of relevant accounts in weku, and flag all their curation. I think I'm one of these accounts, since the hacker flagged all they people in my curation list... like you, you are on my whitelist. Let's hope we can find a solution for this mess soon.


This coward needs to leave me alone. I did nothing wrong. How the hell am I supposed to know his beef with you? People need to stay in their lane! I don't ever recall upvoting posts from you. But really, people need to stay in their lane and stop targeting folks that have nothing to do with it or don't even know anything about it.


Let's make some things clear.

Is not simple like you got flags because I had a beef. If you read carefully my previous reply to you, he choose the big accounts in Weku (I'm one of these) and screwed them and all the followers... so is not like a personal problem of me hit you at end. He just attacked everybody in the platform.

I'm helping everybody since time ago, in fact spending money in buy Weku to give good curation to others. I don't expect get support in exchange, or even a thanks. In fact, time to time somebody attacks me, and is not like the people I supports comes here to give me support. But it's ok, I never whine.

But... you are complaining here, like I'm almost guilty for your flags... maybe I should apologize because I curated you last months? Well, no problem when this crisis will be surpassed and I'll come back to my curation, I'm not going to curate you, don't worry. So if in any case you are flagged again, you could go to complain to the hacker instead me.

To end, a tip for life, from somebody way older than you. There is more people with autism, mistreated by his family, and with huge problems. You are not special, nor the center of the universe or whatever... beyond your family, the others are not responsible for your own problems, so you can do a favor to yourself and the others if stop your self victimization.

Grown up and get out of my blog.


Honestly. My intentions weren't to blame you for what this guy is doing. I misread your comment and was under the impression you did something he didn't like and he got butthurt and starting mass flagging you and/or people you support. Not saying that's your fault. I can't blame you for his behavior. I won't want people I support being targeted by someone who doesn't have anything better to do. You could have asked me and I would have explained further. Again it's not your fault if this was the case. He has a problems with big accounts. You said I am on your whitelist hence getting the idea that he is targeting you and people you vote. It was a poor judgment at best but a human error doesn't mean I am a terrible person. If thats the case everyone is terrible because everyone makes mistakes... it was an honest misunderstanding why get hostile over it? If you wanna kick me from your blog over a mistake then whatever I can't stop you. I honestly it was an honest miscommunication. Go ahead, kick everyone away because they made a simple mistake. Tell me a time you didn't make a mistake or misunderstand? Then why get mad at me and tell me to stay away from you for that? This would have easily been fixed had you given me a chance to explain further but lashing out at me didn't help. Me not liking my posts being downvoted (which no one likes), especially by an account much larger than me, doesn't mean I wanna be 'special' that's not what this is about. if his VP was weak I wouldn't care.


Well... if you could be in my place for a moment... yesterday I open my comment section, and found you there going mad. You are telling me, that I should asked you to more in deep explanations... how is supposed I should guess you misread my comment and then I should ask? Do you think going mad on somebody encourages him to ask? Maybe is you who should asked me about what happened more in detail, before go mad.

And no, is not like I kick out everybody who do a mistake... you just came to my blog and went mad on me, so I reacted...

Anyway I don't wanna argue... you went mad, I went mad too... that's all, is not the end of the world.

OMG I am on the list. That explains the Chen downvote I received on my Gratefulvibes post. We need to end this evil. It seems to be the only attack I received. Do I need to do anything??? I have been here for a year and would like to stay with Weku if possible.


I just finished a new post, with a resume of the whole situation, you can take a look if you want.

My best tip is that you continue doing your stuff in Weku, as always. In case you receive flags, official Weku members, and non-official like me and others, will try to help you and other. Besides that, is not like we can do much more at the moment.

I'll try to keep everybody informed with news, when there would be.