Ride Node is the world’s first Transportation Blockchain platform.

6 months ago

It merits thinking about that when the ride is done both the drivers and the travelers utilize the application to rate one another. not at all like the customary cab administrations, where the drivers have no unavoidable enthusiasm for being decent to their travelers, the vast majority of the ride hailing administration drivers will in general be as pleasant as they can to their clients so that toward the finish of the rides the clients will give them a decent evaluating.
Then again, the rating that the driver will give you will be remembered for the general rating that the ride hailing administration application relegates to you. A low in general rating doled out to you by the application might just impact the choice of other ride hailing administration drivers to reject giving you a ride, or in extraordinary cases may prompt the ride hailing administration organization forbidding you from utilizing their administrations.

About Project RideNode.
A RideNode™ is a smart contract and digital currency apparatus that leverages proprietary blockchain technology. The inspiration and vision on which RideNode™ was created upon, to become the First American Blockchain and Digital Currency for the Ride and Transportation sector, comes from how Henry Ford’s Model T went from conceptualization to becoming America’s First affordable automobile that not only opened up new markets, but also united families, improved working conditions, brought prosperity, and elevated the society at a whole.

Within the first few months of RideNode’s™ ICO Launch, RideNodes™ will be utilized in the BayRide Mobile Application and capture a 5% percent market share in the present $220 billion-dollar ride-hailing industry.
“Safety Over Profits” Corporate Policy
BayRide Inc. is an innovative and groundbreaking technology services company that seeks to eliminate antiquated market competitors especially in the ride-hailing industry by first making sure the drivers are paid exactly what they are owed and that passengers are safe and secure from any kind of dangers during their rides. Hence, BayRide Inc. has deployed a 0% Commission structure for drivers.
BayRide Mobile Application and RideNode’s™ Blockchain Technology

BayRide Inc.’s main technology will be its Native Mobile Application technology for both IOS and Android operating systems. This mobile application will be welcomed with open arms in the markets by virtually every end-user because of “letting the markets decide” approach. Every end-user will benefit and stand to gain due to the decentralized structure of this technology, the Blockchain based apparatus. Therefore, the organization will immediately stand out in the market by being The First Technologies Provider Firm to truly implement a Decentralized Platform for the Ride-hailing, Executive Protection, Bodily Security and Courier Industries.
Current State of Affairs in the Blockchain Technologies Industry
From 2015 to 2017 investors across the globe witnessed the blockchain industry grow 800% in terms of initial coin offerings. Contrary to what many believe, an initial coin offering, also known as ICO, is not the same as an Initial Public Offering, or an IPO. In an IPO setting, investors pay the corporation’s board of directors, investors, and management for a slice of equity either in the form of preferred or common stock.


  1. Unsustainable Business Model
    The market’s top ride-hailing companies are reporting mind-blowing consecutive financial losses that signals that their current business model is not sustainable in the new digital age.
  2. Nationwide Protests and Strikes by Uber and Lyft drivers
    Drivers are currently disgruntled and angry at two conglomerate ride-hailing companies: Uber & Lyft.
  3. Uber & Lyft Continue to Show Lack of Concern or Regard for Riders
    Competitors such as Lyft and Uber have shown to endanger passengers and severely undervalue drivers to the detriment of both parties involved.
  4. Uber and Lyft’s 40% Commission Structure for its Drivers is Extortion
    A reasonable person would agree that a 40% cut from drivers is untenable.
  5. Passenger Fares are Skyrocketing
    Passengers constantly complain about their fares skyrocketing. Reports of falsified price surges prevail throughout the industry.
  6. Decline of the Value of Traditional Taxi Medallions Nationwide, Now Worth Virtually Nothing
    Taxi cab owners, like the NYC Yellow Cab Owners, who spent a fortune for the city medallions just to operate, now find those medallions devalued significantly and worth virtually nothing.
  7. Automation Threatening the Economics of Ride-hailing Markets
    Automation in the market means no more driver jobs in the near future and income displacements for several middle-class families.
  8. Lack of Accountability for Shareholders by the Current Industry Leaders: Uber and Lyft
    Companies like Uber and Lyft are taking massive advantage of their shareholders and investors evidenced by the first Quarter 2019 earning reports of record losses. Essentially, these market companies are insolvent, and thus investors are going to suffer massive losses.

BayRide Incorporated is the most technologically advanced ride/transportation, security, and delivery organization which has positioned itself to disrupt the present-day ride-hailing market particularly, and to revolutionize it by assimilating the security and courier industries.

  1. The BayRide Mobile Application — THE GREAT DISRUPTER
    BayRide Inc. is the FIRST ridesharing and ride-hailing mobile application that leverages not only the Blockchain technology
  2. RideNode™ — Commencing the Decentralization Process in the Ride-hailing Market
    Imagine not having to worry about currency exchanges to get a ride from the airport to your hotel.
  3. S.M.A.R.T.CHAIN™
    BayRide Inc.’s proprietary patent-pending technology called “S.M.A.R.T.CHAIN™”
  4. S.M.A.R.T.FARE™
    RideNodes™ are introduced in the BayRide Mobile Application as a digital currency payment option.
  5. Ride.P.A.L.™
    Ride.P.A.L.™ stands for Ride Providing Accurate Location.
  6. RideEx™- An On-Demand Package Delivery Service for Extreme and Necessary Situations
    RideEx™ is a DISTRIBUTED CHAIN DELIVERY & COURIER LOGISTICAL APPARATUS TECHNOLOGY (“D.C.D.C.L.A.T.” is provisionally patent pending as a utility)
  7. RideGuard™- A Beautiful Combination of the Executive Protection Industry Utilizing the Current Market of Ride-hailing
    Bayride Inc. was founded on the principle of Safety over Profits
  8. Ride-hailing Automobile Operators Union
    For the first time in the ride-hailing industry, BayRide Inc.
  9. The OnAir™ Initiative
    This service (where available) provides next level security by sending drones to the troubled locations.
  10. Digital Medallions — DRIV tokens
    BayRide Inc. understands that the future of the ride-hailing industry must work together with municipalities.


  1. Utility vs. Security Tokens: A Recap
    As per the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), whenever a company chooses to raise funds via an ICO, an in depth and thorough analysis by the start-up company itself must be conducted to determine whether that particular ICO is executing a sale of securities, hence security tokens, or is selling specific use tokens, better known as utility tokens.
  2. The Howey Test Analysis
    The Supreme Court case of SEC vs. Howey established the test for whether an arrangement involves an investment contract.
    Use Cases

IEO Campaigns
Token Development and IEO Marketing.
Best Token Practices
Legal governance, risk management, and compliance.
Unique Size of Market
Starting at the end of 2019, RIDE can be utilized for many purposes.
Operational platform
Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts.
The RideNode™ IEO at p2pb2b will consist of selling 10 billion tokens in 4 sessions of 2.5 billion each
You can buy tokens via BTC, ETH, USD, USDT
session 1 — Nov 22 — Dec 06, 2019
session 2 — Dec 20, 2019 — Jan 03, 2020
session 3 — Jan 10, 2020 — Jan 24, 2020
session 4 — Jan 31, 2020 — Feb 14, 2020
Token Info

Current RIDE price in USD: 0.05
Tokens on sale: 10000000000
Soft Cap (USD): 5000000
Hard Cap (USD): 500000000
IEO on p2pb2b
Token name: Ride Node
Ticker Symbol: RIDE
Token Type: ERC20
Tokens on sale: 10000000000
Token Price: 1 RIDE = $0.05 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC/ETH/USD/UDT
Soft Cap: $5,000,000
Hard Cap: $500,000,000
IEO Period: 11/22/2019 to 02/14/2020 (4 sessions)
Allocation of tokens
Total token supply — 25000000000
70% Public sale
10% Ambassadors & Bounty Programs
20% Founders and Team
Road Map

July 2019
Idea About RideNode (RIDE) IEO
September 2019
Website and IEO Platform Development
October 2019
Whitepaper and platform completion
November 2019
RIDE Tokens on sale (RIDE on P2PB2B Exchange)
Jan 2020
Apps Development and future planning

Rich Rao
Founder & CEO
The Chairman and CEO
of Bay Ride Inc. He say
he owes his success to
his fantastic team.
Sudheer Kartan
He is an IT professional.
Before joining BayRide
He has worked for
Fortune 500 companies.
Vinay Hazare
He has a dual degree
in Finance & Accounting
from Stern School of
Business at New York.
Paul Ziomber
Security Advisor
Senior Security Advisor
for RideGuard Program.
For more information, please visit the site below:
Website => https://ridenode.io/
Whitepaper => https://www.ridenode.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/RideToken-WhitePaper-Version3.0.pdf
Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/ridenode.tokens
Twitter => https://twitter.com/RideNode
Telegram => https://t.me/RideNodeGroup
Linkedin => https://www.linkedin.com/company/bayrideinc
Medium => https://medium.com/@ridenodetokens
Reddit => https://www.reddit.com/user/RideNode
Ann Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5193530.0


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