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2 months ago

There are now millions of crypto users globally with everyone of them desiring the best cryptoexchange platform and the highest possible returns on their investments as well as the fastest payments system. They want the most rewarding platforms so they can get the highest possible level of satisfaction. The IQ.Cash is a platform that meets these desires satisfactorily.
The IQ.Cash platform is a block-chain-based crypto-currency payments and investment Platform that promises users enormous benefits and offers great, innovative, contemporary features, and also allows it’s member users or traders the opportunity of trading their IQ assets or currencies on there crypto-exchanges seamlessly and commisionless.

In this article, I am going to present a brief overview of the Platform and discuss the following:

Aim/Objective of the platform
Benefits and features offered (why it is worth investing in)
Exchanges supported by the platform

High Reward or Returns on Investment
Like I mentioned earlier, the platform offers high returns on investment as Investors with more than 3,000IQ expect an income of about 57% from the block while crypto miners expect 47% from it. This makes the platform really worth trying and using.
Provision of MasterNode (Multi-exchange platforms trading)
With the use of algorithms concensus (PoW) and the MasterNode Network Support, users of IQ.Cash Platform will be able to trade their IQ on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This feature makes it possible for the platform to be able to offer such huge profit to investors and miners who hold this masternodes.
However, in order to get MasterNode and earn such huge returns as an investor, you need to invest up to or more than 3,000IQ. In addition to that, MasterNode Network gives high integrity, privacy of transactions and high transactions speed.
Very Secure
Trust me! IQ.Cash, like other block-chain-powered crypto platforms, is very safe and secure. With IQ.Cash, accounts of users can never be altered or blocked by anyone or thing. No intruder will be able to access data, funds or assets. In fact, no other person on the platform can access your data or funds except you, the owner.
With the introduction of Private-Send algorithm into the platform’s structure which provides privacy or anonymity of transactions, users can be rest-assured that they can have complete trust in the system’s security. They do not need to worry about privacy because it is settled.
The platform is de-centralized, that is, there is no central body controlling users’ data. There’s is no dominant, central controller on the members of the platform.
Transactions Speed
One the aims of IQ.Cash platform is to achieve an extremely fast transactions speed. Speed is very important! IQ.Cash provides the speed users desire. They ensure this through ‘InstantSend’ feature (Instantaneous Data Exchange). On the platform transaction time could be as low as 5 seconds.

The following are the crypto-exchanges the IQ.Cash platform supports or allow it’s traders to trade IQ seamlessly on:

Bithumb Global

On this platform, crypto-traders can have digital assets and also exchange currencies. Other features include:

Multiple currencies
Many trading option
Easy-to-navigate interface

Trading andexchange of IQ for currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, BSV, EOS, DASH, XLM, QTUM, FOST, ABT, MIR, CKB, BIDY, and many more.

BitForex is another crypto-exchange platform on which you can trade IQ flexibly. Some of it’s features include:

Highly liquid
Multiple-token support
Stable and Safe
Advanced Technologies and speed

Coinsbit is regarded by their website as the largest cryptoexchange and as a very reliable platform. Consbit boasts of millions of traders worldwide. They provide reliable assets-security. Other features include

Low-risk trading
No commissions
Exchange token

They offer trading in both common cryptos (BTC, EatH, LTC, etc) and rare ones too. Features include:

Simple interface
Accurate Market Analysis tools
Security of data and funds
Low commission
Good customer support
Payment methods include PerfectMoney and Epay.

It’s an advanced exchange that offers o we 700 trading pairs and over 300 coins/tokens. Other features include:
high performance and multilingual 24-7 support
Optimized interface and security


Mercatox offers trading in BIT, ETH and LTC. It allows IQ traders to trade or exchange their IQ.

Features include:

Lending program
Margin trading
Secure and Confidential trading API and websocket API
Market Order and Stop Order
DEX (De-centralized Exchange)

IQ.Cash therefore is a platform worth trying. It is a great opportunity for crypto traders to earn a lot. It is flexible as it allows you to be able to trade it’s currency on other exchanges using other popular crypto-currency options such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium and so on. Your funds and data are secure and the system is De-centralized. The rate of return or reward on investment is high (57 percent from the block).

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