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DAIN is the next-generation artificial intelligence platform, a decentralized, geographically dispersed public computing network driven by the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to address and solve problems
In this article we will first introduce artificial intelligence and its applications and then discuss the DAIN project which is a combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence and Blockchain:
AI or artificial intelligence, is concerned with the theory and construction of machines capable of performing a series of tasks that require intelligence. Currently, advanced technologies are trying to exploit this field in machines, artificial neural networks and deep learning. At the same time, Blockchain is exactly a new system for digital information that stores data in encrypted and distributed form. Because data is stored across thousands of different computers, it will allow for the creation of an unreliable and reliable database that can only be read, updated, and licensed by individuals. Although much has been said about the potential of combining the two technologies academically, its applications in the real world are rarely found today. However, this situation is expected to change in the future. So there are three ways in which these two technologies are complementary and made for each other:

  1. Artificial intelligence and cryptography work well together
  2. Blockchain can help track, understand and explain decisions made by AI
  3. Artificial intelligence can manage blockchain better than humans

What is DAIN?
DAIN is the next-generation artificial intelligence platform, a decentralized, geographically dispersed public computing network driven by the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to address and solve problems. The platform uses computing resources efficiently and without any intermediary from any other device located anywhere in the world to solve complex AI problems. DAIN rewards hardware owners and charts an artificial intelligence market. This enables companies with similar needs to provide or discover solutions together.

DAIN aims to make artificial intelligence easy and affordable, accessible to all consumers, from small businesses to large corporations, from knowledge to big data, reducing time to market in model production, and acquiring information and knowledge. Earns. This platform allows users to lease the idle computing power of devices and computers to help companies with data processing, troubleshooting and problem solving using artificial intelligence technology. It also allows companies to Develop new business models, new customer relationship models, and new revenue streams, provide a secure environment where they can safely sell, build, sell, and execute knowledge, solutions, data and infrastructure to create, consume, and implement artificial intelligence. To share. Using a company’s DAIN platform of any size, it can easily and efficiently train a new model with its own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and be able to model it with third-party data. Modify existing data market. The company can publish the model in the model market and earn money while retaining ownership, control and knowledge of the model. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, allowing others to train their models or run them with enriched data, all while maintaining data security without sharing Share it with a third party.

DAIN Ecosystem:
DAIN is conceptually designed to be able to interact with two types of end users, end users and institutions, private companies or centers such as universities, research centers etc.
DAIN can be regarded as a very large and capable brain that will remember all the tasks it learns and continuously improve its performance as a natural brain by providing artificial intelligence to provide a safe space. So that companies, institutions and individuals can safely sell, rent, and share knowledge, solutions, data, and infrastructure.

Using the DAIN Platform Various organizations are expressing interest in developing artificial intelligence at an expense through the availability of DAIN platforms with access to asset registration. With DAIN, companies can also use pre-built models of artificial intelligence developed by other members of the DAIN community. With the DAIN platform, you have no limitations on the information, assets or spending time of AI models. This platform is democratizing artificial intelligence technology. Producer organizations have the chance to use their assets to grow their datacenter information and end-customers can also make money by selling the extra registration limit for their equipment.

The following images shows the features and performance of the DAIN ecosystem:

For more information, please visit the link below:
Website : https://dain.ai/
Whitepaper : https://dain.ai/docs/DAIN — Whitepaper_ENG.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dainware
Twitter : https://twitter.com/dainware
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/dain
Telegram : https://t.me/dainware

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