Cowrium — A Multidimensional Blockchain & Smart Contract Innovation driven by Cowrie

2 months ago

Cowrium is a blockchain project being developed to help a small and medium enterprises to easily adopt comprehensive blockchain solutions to better reach thousands of customers who conduct business through the SME industry.
Cowrium develops project consists of a multidimensional smart contract and cryptocurrency solution, like the example Decentralized Exchange (CowDEX), a borderless currency Transfer solution in crypto to be received in Fiat and an Artificial Intelligence Crypto Stability Solution for the platform native coin Cowrie (Cowrie Stability AI).
Cowrie coin is the official cryptocurrency of the Cowrium platform, represents a digital currency that will effectively replace the physical money. The aim is to increase the adoption of blockchain technology through an easy-to-use platform.
as far as I know, the use of blockchain is vastly limited to a certain user base, which mostly includes tech-savvy people. Cowrium will launch a native digital coin which could be used by people in everyday life for performing a various financial task, in addition to the smart contract platform with the purpose to redefine the Organisational business structure.
With the aim to dominate the online and offline digital currency market, a dedicated team has been working on developing the Cowrium platform. Once fully developed, it will be launched in the global market by 2020 with Africa and indo pacific environmental as the focus
Benefits & Features Cowrium Platform
Multicurrency ICO Platform
Multicurrency Payment System
Smart Contract Library
Atomic Swap
Cowrium’s Intelligent Pooling System
Hyperblock Technology
Enterprise Private Contracts
Support for multiple cryptographic algorithms, signing & address via Polysig
Recurring & Scheduled Payments
Cowrium’s Loyalty Program
Referral Rewards Program
and many more
Vision Of Cowrium Platform
The Cowrium project is not just a blockchain that aims to evolve the existing economy, but it isa completely new economic system that is being created on the blockchain technology.
Cowrium Understand that the first requirement for building a strong, self-sustaining network like Cowrium is providing liquidity and multiple was for users to acquire and use Cowrie (CWR) coins. With that aim, our highly talented and experienced team of developers is working hard to build a one-of-its-kind economic system to provide usability for merchants and users.
Token Details
1th Sale Period
January 1–30, 2020 [$0,035
/token] [Bonus Upto 50%]
2nd Sale Period
February 1–28, 2020 [$0,0375/token] [Bonus Upto 50%]
3rd Sale Period
March 1–30, 2020 [$0,04/token] [Bonus Upto 30%]
4th Sale Period
April 1–30, 2020 [$0,0425/token] [Bonus Upto 30%]
5th Sale Period
May 1–30, 2020 [$0,045/token] [Bonus Upto 30%]
1 CWRX = 0,075 USD
Total Token for Sale
1,000,000,000 CWRX
Acceptable Currencies
More Info
Ann Thread
Telegram Chat Official


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