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6 months ago

Digital asset and crypto currency currency market growth continues to grow and develop rapidly and has reached more than 10 million transactions every day with total trading according to coin marketcap to reach $ 216 billion in 24 hours where total trading providers called exchanges have totaled 20745 with as many trading coins 4000 tokens and crypto currency. This growth is growing rapidly because it is driven by increasing confidence in blockchain technology while simultaneously becoming a very promising business for the future.

Nowadays the development of digital technology grows so rapidly, especially the Blockchain Technology. It is a new technology that can be applied in all types of industries which underpin an advanced and encrypted security system as well as having excellent speed on decentralized network and is peer to peer. Blockchain is a new promising technology especially on the sector of digital banking and finance. The presence of Bitcoin as a digital currency was invented in 2007 by an unknown person or group of people using the name "SATOSHI NAKAMOTO". The first presence of Bitcoin took place in August 2008 and as time goes by, the development of cryptocurrency continues to grow so rapidly which marked by the increasing of Bitcoin's users and communities around the globe significantly until in the early 2019 the first Transaction taken place where someone purchased Pizza using Bitcoin. Since the first transaction succeeded, the demand for Bitcoin continues to increase so that the value of Bitcoin keeps growing until today.

Codeo Token is a payment instrument that uses ERC 20 technology. This transaction instrument is supported by Nodes Network based on Ethereum Technology which has an ecosystem that supports and complements each other. The advantage of buying Codeo Tokens is that you will get a guaranteed base price of $ 1 per 1 token that you buy from Five Angels Investment Holding Pte. Company Ltd. This is a Singapore-based company with registered number UEN201835723H.

This company will guarantee and save your conventional money based on the amount of tokens in circulation in the Company's bank account. You will have a repurchase guarantee of $ 1 which means that the price of Codeo Tokens will not drop below $ 1. If this happens, as a registered and trusted company, Five Angels Investment Holding Pte. Ltd will buy back your Token for $ 1. In addition, having your Codeo Token will get additional benefits from the 2% interest rate that you can receive on June 7 every year. Value of 2% of $ 1 The value paid will automatically be added to your Codeo Token Wallet based on Equivalent Market Value.

Codeo Tokens are built using peer-topeer technology that is very safe and decentralized. Codeo Tokens are transaction instruments that are integrally part of the ecosystem that are products and contribute significantly to supporting all Codeo Token activities.

Codeo Tokens are similar to the idea of tokens namely; has an integrated concept, such as Binance where BNB (Binance Coin) as a transaction instrument will support all activities in Binance. Unlike Codeo Tokens where all tokens will be integrated with all major transactions and circulated in the ecosystem.

Therefore Codeo Tokens will be calculated as internal currency and also utility tokens. Codeo Tokens can be seen and traded on major Market Exchanges throughout the world such as BINANCE, IDAX, HUOBI, CATEX and BITFINEX. Codeo Token is a LIMA INVESTMENT, LIMA LIMITED business unit based in Tortola British Virgin Island (BVI) that publishes and supports Codeo Token products and its global operations.

The growth of Codeo Tokens begins with the existence of our first step Ecosystem. Market exchange, Archidax, and our Incubator Program will support the growth of digital startups and encourage the use of all Codeo Token network products released by startups as members of the Archidax and Codeo Token incubation programs.

Codeo Token will also continue to expand market networks and transactions in all crypto market exchanges throughout the world, especially in the top crypto market exchanges. The use of Codeo Tokens will also continue to grow in all industrial lines outside the Blockchain, both digital and non-digital.

Our Goals come in the form of digital assets and blockchain-based digital payment instruments that require the stick of decentralized digital economic development with safe and unlimited digital and support the role of banks in making certain digital distribution plans.

ARCHIDAX exchange

As a crypto and Digital Asset Exchange, Archidax is here to answer all problems and challenges faced by blockchain investors or traders from exchanging coins / tokens to funding disbursements to bank accounts. Archidax provides various access, facilities, speed, security, and convenience for traders or investors to trade and trade.

Archidax Features and Services will support investors and traders to be able to increase trust and accelerate the value of trading and transactions at Archidax, which include:

Low Cost
Token / Coin List
Safe & Secure
IEO (Initial Exchange Offer)
Supported 7 Currencies
Community Coin / Token Voting
Fast Deposits & Withdrawals
Digital Stocks

You can currently have Codeo Token through the IEO Program (Initial Exchanges Offering) or join the Bounty program and other programs organized by Codeo Token

CATEX EXCHANGES - 08 November 2019 - 08 December 2019
BINANCE EXCHANGES - December 2019 - January 2020
COINEAL EXCHANGES - December 2019 - January 2020
IDAX EXCHANGES - December 2019 - January 2020
HUOBI EXCHANGES - December 2019 - January 2020
EXMARKETS EXCHANGES - December 2019 - January 2020
LATOKEN EXCHANGES - December 2019 - January 2020
SATOEXCHANGE - 03 November 2019 - 08 December 2019
Predictions and estimated prices and values from Codeo Token are

  • IEO ( NOV 2019 - JAN 2020 ) : $0.80 - $1 - After listing Period I ( Jan 2020 - march 2020) $1 - $3 - After listing Period II ( march 2020 - July 2020) $ 3 - $5 - After listing Period III ( July 2020 - Sept 2020) $ 5 - $ 8 - After Listing period IV ( Sept 2020 - December 2020) $ 8.

Token Details

Symbol: CODEO
Initial Value: 1 CODEO = 1 USD
Smart Contract 0x46b4a7d906F1A943b7744Df23625E63726d79035
Type: ERC20
Total 1 Trillion Supply
Distribution of CODEO 30 Billion CODEO
Initial CODEO Published 3 Billion CODEO
IEO Issues 300,000,000 CODEO

Token Distribution

For more information about CODEO TOKEN, please click the link below:


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