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6 months ago

Although the cryptocurrency market now has little to do with it, its technology tools are still developing. Show us new solutions, existing networks, and new approaches to numerous standardized interaction conditions.

Project at A Glance
So a completely new archetype of currency-neutral trade is born and is called Co-DEX at the junction of new points of view and approach. The Co-DEX is the world's first decentralized exchange, based on the space network principle. It is important to note. The IBC technologies are all experiencing through all systems, and the open architecture of the Space network's source code makes for the most secure transactions directly between network members.
To be honest, it's not just a fact that Co-DEX is entirely transparent and secure; it also has an unlimited exchange of crypto-currency supported by the Ethereum network, but also other cross-blockchain concepts. This principle will simplify the lives of many cryptocurrencies owners and make the crypto economy prosperous.

Special features
In contrast to all these things, Co-DEX developers have done everything possible to conform entirely with the privacy and secrecy standards of each customer's payment. The protection of the distributed Co-DEX trading protocol is also so solid and trustworthy that users can purchase, sell and trade certain tokens easily, irrespective of the blockchain on which they were originally set up, through this network.

This will keep pace with the times and their expanding innovations throughout Co-DEX's structure, which will maintain the platform's scalability and maintain integration in all revolutionary communities. The change will always be on the same wave as the emerging market in cryptocurrency.

In order to ensure the best conditions for safeguarding the internal wallet as well as storing private keys on your equipment, the Co-DEX has a number of undeniable characteristics along with the decentralized systems. This feature allows you to maintain control of every single trader's personal money and therefore guarantee the freedom to move some money.
In addition, Co-DEX excludes any further and hidden payments in its transactions, which only involve the payment of the transaction itself by providing its users with the most transparent Commissions. All these charges will enable Co-DEX to be the most effective, profitable, and therefore more accessible to each individual user.

The built-in smart contract is also in the process of adding existing benefits to the list. Its main feature is multiple transactions. Everyone charges only one transaction for a single transaction and forms a multi-friendly, economical order chain.

In addition, the platform itself has all the necessary tools for quality trading, including market and limited orders for purchasing and selling crypto-assets. This feature allows traders of various levels to be at the best position in the market and to buy and sell their shares at the best prices.

The Program should definitely use its own token-COD1 to provide quality service to all of Co-DEX's internal functions. The token itself is based on the standard ERC-20 and thus corresponds to the protocol Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, all wallets that support this classic format can be easily stored.

The token itself is issued with a total amount of COD1 250 million units, with an original value of 0.05 USDT per coin, as regards other technical issues. At the same time, the Co-DEX creators will only reserve 100 million coins for purchase.

In summary, I would once again like to call your attention to the fact that Co-DEX is a distributed new-level and generation exchange. Name it as you like, since the essence of the matter doesn't change. Nonetheless, I strongly advise you to read more about Co-DEX in order to understand the entire multi-level structure. You will do this by examining its official social resources and by studying its technical documentation. All links I have prepared beforehand, go to the next block and be glad.

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