BlockBurn is a revolutionary step forward in cryptocurrency

4 months ago

The BlockBurn gaming network is a revolutionary step forward in both cryptocurrency and the mobile app gaming industry, allowing users across the globe to plug in and play against real players for BURN tokens. Players have the opportunity to develop their skills in order to earn more BURN tokens, increase their chances of winning the lottery jackpot and bringing more value to the token ecosystem.

Current Gaming App Market
The overall global gaming market, was estimated to be worth around $135 billion in 2018. The largest sector of this massive figure is attributed to mobile gaming, estimated at around $63 billion, taking an impressive 47% share.

Mobile is also beginning to dominate gambling, with 70% of gambling transactions now being done online.

While mobile gaming and gambling are booming industries, mobile cryptocurrency gambling is scarce.

BlockBurn is creating a new and innovation form of mobile gaming and gambling, playing for cryptocurrency in a fun and engaging way.

BlockBurn Gaming Network
The BlockBurn game network is an innovative arena for gamers and gamblers. The platform economy will run on BURN tokens, allowing users to risk their BURN tokens in a fun multi-player action shooter battle game arena. Users can also buy regular BlockBurn lotteries to get a chance to win the jackpot!

Ourmission is to provide a very smooth and memorable gaming experience, where gambling is not the only important element. The games focus on very entertaining and interesting gameplay, with stunning graphics, smooth animations, satisfying sound effects, and intuitive navigation. Players can customize the appearance of their characters, as well as buy character upgrades using the BURN token.

The game network implements a number of functions that will incentivize and encourage players to hold and use more BURN tokens, produce a more complete playing experience for users and contribute to the overall value of the BURN tokens.

Shop System

To reward and incentivise players for holding their BURN tokens, we’ve devised a system to use these BURN as a spendable currency while also a store of value.

Players will be able spend their BURN tokens in character customizations, these tokens will then be held in a separate wallet, but not sold! Eventually the players will be able to “sell” their
character item back to the game to get their spent tokens back. This way, “buying” character items becomes an investment of BURN, not an actual sale.

To aid this idea, players will be able to choose the time period in which a players tokens are held in the locked wallet before being able to sell the tokens back to the game. So if you were to buy a particular item, you will be given the choice of how long the tokens will be locked away for.

A week, a month, a year, you name it. Only after this time has ended, will they be able to return the purchased item in exchange for receiving their BURN tokens back. Longer periods will be cheaper to “lock”, giving players more reason to invest in these items as long as they can, but with the eventuality of receiving their tokens back.

For example: if you “buy” a weapon, you either pay 5 BURN tokens for a week-lock, 4 for a month-lock, and 1 for a year-lock. After said time, you’ll get the option to sell your weapon back in turn for the 5/4/1 BURN that you spent in the first place.

Gaming Token
The BURN token is used as a gambling token within the BlockBurn gaming network. It is set to disrupt the online gambling industry by creating a decentralised gaming network, with the BURN token as it’s currency. It will be at the forefront of a new era of online gaming,
one that is the nexus between gamers and cryptocurrency holders.

In order for players to participate in multiplayer matches, they must deposit BURN tokens into the wallet address of their gaming app. The funds can be used as wagers in multiplayer matches/tournaments. The winner of each match will win the collected pool of BURN tokens.

In order to support and generate supplementary value to the BURN token, holding more BURN gives you access to bonus features. Upgrades such as special weapons and character styles
can be purchased with BURN, players are also able to unlock special characters with BURN.

These are some of the ways in which players are encouraged to continue holding their BURN tokens in their account after a big win. Increasing the overall function of BURN within the gaming network will result in less players selling their BURN tokens after a win, but rather putting them back into the game.

We will be raising funds through an IEO for the purpose of furthering development and project expansion.

Please note that the funds raised are non for profit and will be allocated as follows:

Product development=> 50%
Marketing=> 20%
Exchanges=> 10%
Token buy back (and/or token burning)=> 20%

BlockBurn Coin Details
Token Name=> BlockBurn
Symbol=> BURN
Token Type=> ERC 20
Token Supply=> 2,000,000,000
Hard Cap=> $ 1.2 Million (USD)
Price of 1 BURN=> $ 0.005
ROUND1=>0.005 + 15% bonus
ROUND2=>0.005 + 10% bonus

Token Distribution
The token distribution is layed out as follows:

Community=> 45% (Community tokens are comprised as; free traded ‘swap tokens’, airdrops,bounties and future community events tokens)
Reserve: 15% (Future staking,future Airdrop/Bounty)
IEO=> 15%
Marketing=> 10%
Team=> 10%
Advisors=> 5%

The mobile game industry is a competitive industry, with so broad global interest in gaming and gambling, for new games to be successful, there are a number of important factors that must be met.

With so many mobile games available, finding the right niche is very important. The BlockBurn gaming network is in a very unique position, because it basically enters a completely new market, with currently almost no competition. But that in itself does not guarantee success, so that the game becomes successful there are several important factors. It needs its own identity, intuitive user experience, and good marketing.

We are currently in the game development stage. The general description in section 4.1 of this whitepaper will give you an outline of the direction we are currently going, but this is only a rough guide and as the development reaches further the game will be further refined and modified.

Below provides a basic outline of the road map we will follow in the following year:

For more information about the BlockBurn project see the link below:

Bitcointalk ANN=>


Medium =>

Reddit =>




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