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6 months ago

For many people, these stats will look amazing, however, around the world just love to play entertaining online games like poker, Casino, and other gambling areas of this genre. This kind of free time is often more liked by people than walking after work, because it often helps them to relax and have fun. What is there to hide you see how the theme of online entertainment has become active, moreover, it is now estimated more than 1 trillion US dollars and this is just the beginning. Many experts only expect an increase in demand in the industry, so keep this in mind.

But again, everything has a weakness and in our case, the traditional online entertainment system is not quite honest. I am not talking about all or about someone separately, however, in the world in this field there are a large number of dishonest organizers who prevent honesty in getting all the players they want to have on the platform. This is done in elementary, because their activities no one can check and even more control, all the game processes are hidden under seven buttons and you do not know what is happening there on the other side of the screen. Suddenly your favorite game principle is initially set up in such a way that you can not win there at all? Or, conversely, can you win a small part, but lose more? Unfortunately we can not find out all that and worse for those of us who are not allowed to know. Because of this, we have only two options for event development, or continue to play according to their rules, or discover their new entertainment source. One of them will now consider.

In this article, I will introduce to my readers who are lovers of blockchain gaming platform supported by Bazooka. Team Bazooka has studied all the gaps in the gaming industry and has offered the best industry solutions.

About Bazooka

Bazooka is a blockchain-powered digital currency that aims to revolutionize the E-gaming industry, sports betting, and e-commerce in general. Bazooka has incorporated Blockchain services into their platforms that allow users to play games and receive their various wins in either cryptocurrency or Fiat at the comfort of their home. This Platform eliminates human intervention in their protocols to ensure maximum transparency. The entire Platform Bazooka system is decentralized ranging from payment, Winning, Spining programs, and more of their services are regulated by the blockchain.

Below are the services offered by Bazooka Platform

E-GAMING SERVICES: Bazooka offers a variety of online gaming services such as Dice Game, Roulette, Lottery, Poker, Slot games, and many others. All these games are enabled on the Blockchain network. The winning result is instantly displayed and the player's wallet, credited with their winnings.

SPORTS BETTING: Among the services offered by Bazooka Platform is sports betting backed by the Dai Stable coin. The user is open to an endless bet on the decentralized Spot betting platform offered by Bazooka.

E-COMMERCE: Bazooka offers a decentralized ecommerce platform where commercial activities such as buying and selling of different items with Bazooka tokens are activated. Users get more tokens with their support on E-commerce platforms.

BANK GRADE SECURITY STANDARDS: Bazooka offers Bank-level security to ensure the safety and security of the Platform's users ' assets and funds. Bazooka Payment processor is a complaint with PCIDSS and Blockchain technology.

Road Map

Q1 2019
Conception of the idea
Seed funds accumulated
The development team was recruited
Development of Bazooka started

June-July 2019
Web Development and contracts
BAZ ERC20 tokens are used
Stage 1 Community Rewards Program
Beta version of the website release

August-September 2019
White Paper released
Full website launch
Community Rewards Program Phase 2
Exchange List

October-Nov 2019
Casino Beta Testing
Alpha release
50 Top Exchange List
Wallet Development

December 2019
Release Wallet
Launching the Spinning program
Solidify industry partnerships

Sports Betting Bazooka
P2P Bazooka Betting
API Bazooka released for 3rd party developers
E-Sports/E-Gaming integration
IOS and Android phones
Developer Hub

Sports Betting Bazooka
P2P Bazooka Betting
API Bazooka released for 3rd party developers
E-Sports/E-Gaming integration
IOS and Android phones
Developer Hub


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