AZBI Network is a newly created, infrastructure level

2 months ago

The dissemination of information has been quickly advanced through the internet; after two decades of development and rapid expansion, global societies have fully immersed themselves in the media age. Blockchain represented an introduction of value to the assets which the internet brought, and the distribution of digital assets has exploded in popularity, making the area of independent financing a viable possibility. The future of industry will be reshaped by the
implementation of blockchain in the not too distant future, in the same way that traditional industries were reshaped by the internet. Historic breakthroughs normally come about by either finance becoming available, or through advancements in technology.

Blockchain intersects the realms of finance and technology into FinTech, which encompasses the distributed ledger system (DLT) and adds financial properties. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence are also areas of FinTech that have been created to support financial opportunities through blockchain. Bitcoin was the first blockchain technology that was created for the purpose of finance, enabling a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency system. The capability of cryptocurrency took another leap with the inception of Ethereum, which was built around the knowledge of the issues which Bitcoin faced and could not rectify due to its formation. Turing enabled programming language was used in the formation of Ethereum, and the smart contract was introduced. This opened the way for industries to restructure their economics around blockchain.

AZBI Network is a newly created, infrastructure level, multiple chain, public system. It has native support and EVM, which creates platforms that can be scaled and open to third-party industry developers. Large-scale enterprise-level applications are made possible with the AZBI Network through the use of smart contracts. The core technology that underlines the AZBI Network includes many native chain architectures that support the EVM environment through a POS-based consensus at several layers.

As many chains become more prevalent, storage capacity and computer power increase linearly. AZBI Network is the first blockchain that will support EVM on a double-layered chain structure. The multi-chain approach is far superior to previous child-chain methods which generally support contracts and smart benefits with enhanced DApp support features.

AZBI growth can be seen in a horizontal context with the main and vertical chains acting like child chains; when one creates a new DApp, a child chain is created. This allows the main chain to execute requests followed by creating MP blocks. The new child chain generates the initial node into the MP block that contains the smart contract binary code. When AZBI receives a request on the network it is processed in the network through the next generation of child blocks, which are able to grow to the level needed in smart contracts that are executed. When Smart contracts upgraded to the latest block chain produced will bring binary code to the latest smart contracts.

Information Token
Ticker - AZBI
Type of Token - Ethereum
ICO Token Price - 1 AZBI = 0.000005 ETH
Fundraising Purpose - 10,000 ETH
Available for Sales Tokens - 2 000 000 000 AZBI
Thank - ETH
Public sales - 10.00%
Team - 25.00%
Personal sales - 20.00%
Bets - 20.00%
Bounty and Airdrop - 5.00%
Platform development - 20.00%
August 2019
November 2019
Draft proposal and review
February 2020
AZBI Formation Limited
March 2020
User base formation, advertisement
April 2020
Risking prize initialization
October 2020
AZBI Testnet bughunt (selected testers)
December 2020
AZBI Testnet bughunt (public)
February 2021
AZBI Testnet Launch (activation activated)
May 2021
AZBI Mainnet bughunt (selected examiners)
July 2021
AZBI Mainnet bughunt (public)
November 2021
AZBI Mainnet launch (activation activated)
February 2022
Activation of community governance

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