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2 months ago

To fathom progressively about what a gold upheld computerized cash is, we should examine the gold supported cryptographic cash history. The principle propelled money maintained through and through by gold, was impelled in 1995. It was very notable, used by a large number of people far and wide before it shut down. After Bitcoin got standard, various associations started tinkering with gold maintained computerized monetary standards again.

Gold is seen as one of the most important metals and a shielded strategy to put money and get realizes the since quite a while prior run. As the name gathers, these mechanized money related measures are upheld by gold and gold is accessible in a physical structure, it is impressively progressively trustworthy for by far most of the people. In addition, the gold market's worth or, basically, gold expense is fixed at some irregular time and this is improving considering cryptographic cash rates sway with no explanation or set pace. With such risks related with advanced cash, the anticipated gold supported cryptographic types of cash are trying to adjust it to some degree and give some security to cryptographic cash proprietors.

The Aureus Nummus (ANG) is a mechanized money and asset, which is supported by physical gold or gold corresponding and fills in as an overall portion and save finances instrument. The gold sponsorship gives the Aureus Nummus in a general sense higher characteristic worth and sufficiency than stood out from various money related structures and portion systems.

The base expense of the Aureus Nummus is everlastingly set at the expense of gold bullion. There is no upper worth breaking point and the Aureus Nummus can wholeheartedly recognize to the upside, yet the shrouded programming appends the Aureus Nummus to the expense of gold bullion. This goal is cultivated by assembling the Aureus Nummus 1:1 concerning truly designated physical gold or gold indistinguishable. For each Aureus Nummus, that is offered to the open the practically identical proportion of physical gold or gold indistinguishable is set into trust account.

The holders of Aureus Nummus with everything taken into account own the gold or gold equivalent, which is held accessible for later in a trust account in order to back the estimation of the Aureus Nummus. The holders of Aureus Nummus can request that their Aureus Nummus coins be changed over go into gold or gold corresponding, subject to our Terms and Conditions. The change rate reliably proceeds as in the past and is liberated from any market esteem instabilities on helper markets: 100,000 ANG= 1 ounce of gold bullion.

The Aureus Nummus is proposed to enhance traditional fiat fiscal structures and banking organizations by giving a self-ruling painstakingly planned portion and speculation finances instrument with innate worth that settle the trust issue, and a critical number of various issues and troubles associated today with fiat financial norms and banking. The ability to follow and to truly apportion a motivator to any possible article in the accompanying headway stage will take the Aureus Nummus to another time of money related gauges.

The explanation behind the Aureus Nummus furthermore is to serve the unbanked masses of this world by giving them much expected access to portion and hold finances courses of action, and to give alternatives as opposed to those wishing to enhance their current monetary organizations and fiat cash assets.

The estimation of one Aureus Nummus coin has been resolved to reason at the US-Dollar penny level in order to support purchasers and endeavors with portion and settlement of little sales and trades.


The Aureus Nummus doesn't anticipate that customers should have a record or a credit augmentation, for instance, a charge card in order to have any of the Aureus Nummus computerized cash — they basically need to change over money, diverse cryptographic types of cash or important metals into or out of the Aureus Nummus to use it.




Open source.

Fixed stock – ceaselessly unchangeable.

Inflation free.

Not mineable.

Based on blockchain.

Transactions are strange.

Supported by gold. The ANG's base expense is pegged to gold bullion, in any case the ANG has no most prominent expense.

The gold sponsorship makes the Aureus Nummus regard stable and remarkably lessens any worth shakiness, while keeping its upward worth potential. The ANG isn't produced using not in the slightest degree like fiat and computerized monetary forms. The ANG's dynamic mechanical advancement unites the upsides of a standard legitimate fragile fiat cash with those of cryptographic types of cash, while all the while giving certifiable obvious impetus through its sponsorship by physical gold.

The Aureus Nummus has a fixed and compelled stock that can never be changed again. The Aureus Nummus is worked for ordinary undertaking, client and retail use, and is a fast, cost-profitable advanced money for private and cross-edge portions, repayments and speculation reserves.

Not at all like ordinary money related structures you needn't waste time with an accepted outcast like a bank in light of the Aureus Nummus' clear normal worth and decentralized affiliation. There is no single position, who may have the alternative to change or effect the value or the game plan of the Aureus Nummus, as it is absolutely de-focused, and works subject to arrange understanding of the Ethereum social order. The Aureus Nummus runs absolutely self-overseeing reliant on its program with zero chance of individual time, oversight, distortion, and outcast impedance.

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