Today is my weku birthday ( I am active 365 days in 365 days)

last year

weku kalp.jpg

I do not miss to share my one day posts on weku . I share my posts regularly . This is my weku birthday . Today have filled up my 365 days on weku . I share my posts 365 days on weku regularly. I do not miss to share my posts one day on weku. It is my active work .

I am very active person on weku . I am active on weku. I am active in 365 days in 365 days .

I am Siddhartha Roy . My weku user name is @simaroy .I am studies of Rabindra Bharati University . I studies of honours final year . Besides i am working this type of platform regularly . Weku is my heart. From first I love weku from my heart . I joined this weku by my sir @face2face . Suddenly he said to me 20-09-2019.

Really this day is the most memorable day in my life . When I got his link , I asked about weku. He said to me that It is same platform like steemit . I am very happy. At that moment I had joined in weku platform . It was very easy process for me. Because It is same platform like steemit . After that I shared my first introduction post on weku.

Truly I selute weku whole team members and finally weku community. I am learning many subjects every times every moments. Many great users have many discord servers on weku. I joined all servers on discord. Every users is very helpful . I am very lucky person , I had got to join in weku platform . Some persons inspire me. @siamcat dear friend is one of them. I do not introduce all persons names. For this reason I am apology . In a word I am very happy . I am working on weku regularly. I will work regularly on weku until last times . Now weku price is very low . Really all coins price are low now. I hope that weku coin will increase day by day in future . I hope Weku coin price will increase. We need many patience . We can not achieve any great success without Patience. So we are working with many patience on weku. I always trust that weku will success perfectly . I will request that Everyone works hard on weku with patience . I believe that everyone will get their Working value. I selute weku and whole community users . Weku is my heart .Today is my weku birthday . This 365 days I was active . I am active . I will active in future .

I love weku community . If you like my posts , please follow me .

Regards @simaroy

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Thats wonderful my friend!!


Thanks you so much my friend .

Must be just after my 1-year-mark as well - though I'd have to look... I joined here about a week after I joined Whaleshares.


Thanks friend . You check your account validity . I have sent you link in discord .

@simaroy happy anniversary dear friend. You are a role model
Undoubtedly, together we will take our company to the highest that can be reached. And we will ensure that the value of our token has the fair value it deserves
Enjoy this beautiful day dear friend


Thanks you so much , my dear friend .

Congrats Simiroy 🧡


Thanks a lot , my friend .

The journey is rather long, let's make Weku better for the future..

--We Are Weku--


Absolutely right . My friend .



Congratz my brother👏


Thanks bro.

very correct my friend


Thanks friend

Happy wekuday.

@simaroy Congrats <3

Congratulations @simaroy!!

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